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Review: Intelligent Nutrients

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I am not as green as I ought to be. There are lots, and lots, of things I could do but I don't. For instance, I could definitely start collecting the water I'm currently wasting waiting for the shower to become hot enough not to yelp when I get into it. I could also opt to fill a pitcher with water and place it in the fridge to get cold water, saving there too. Truth be told, though, the idea of doing these things is a fine one but in practice? In practice, the buckets that could be used in the shower are nowhere to be found since they have a thousand and one other uses in my household and the pitcher of water never seems to be cold when I want a cold glass of water. Facts of life, I'm afraid, and terrible, bad excuses.

Anyhow, this post wasn't going to be about things I could do to be more green, but rather about one particular thing we can all do to be more green that doesn't cost us any extra effort, or force us to plan that much ahead really, namely go and buy a set of Intelligent Nutrients everything. Well, perhaps not everything. You could start with say the shampoo once you are almost running out of your old one and if you don't have special scalp/hair needs and take it from there. It is natural, it is cruelty free, it smells of spearmint and it actually works once you get the hang of it.

I think the shampoo is the product I'm most pleased with, now when I know how to use it properly. It took a while, despite the directions on the bottle. The Intelligent Nutrients Harmonic Shampoo is really an 2-in-1 kind of product. It has the texture of a light conditioner, and unless you know what to do, it can be really hard to lather up just like you would except from a conditioner. In fact, the first time I washed with it I had to check the bottle to make sure I had the shampoo and not the conditioner That's how much like a conditioner it felt. The trick to getting it to be a shampoo is to first really soak your hair, and rub just the tiniest amount of shampoo between your palms to get a lather going. Apply this to your scalp. Rinse. Now, repeat with a bit more shampoo. Rinse. Now, you can apply the product as usual, and it will lather up beautifully and leave your hair clean, soft, moisturised, bouncy and everything else you really want after shampooing. The only thing it does not do is help with detangling, for that you do still need a conditioner if you have long, tangle prone hair like me.

You really do want to lather up thrice, the last time properly. If you lather up just once, and have oily hair--like I tend to have once I decide to wash--you will end up wanting to wash your hair at once again with your ordinary shampoo. If you lather up twice, you will step out of the shower with second day hair. Okay, but definitely not the result you want after washing. Lathering up thrice, however, suddenly you have that magical hair. So please don't follow instructions on the bottle.

Once you've fallen in love with the shampoo, which I am sure you will unless you find the slight tingling from the mint uncomfortable, you might want to consider buying the hair spray.

 Hair spray is one of these kind of products that I personally tend to use rarely, so I willingly admit that I am not the best judge when it comes to this kind of product. To me it seems as if the Intelligent Nutrients one give a light hold, just enough to smooth flyways, give pin curls that little bit of extra boost they might need to not fall out of long, heavy hair. Of course, there are lots of products that achieve these things for a fraction of the cost of the Intelligent Nutrients one, but do they come in a mister bottle rather than an aerosol pump that is completely recyclable? And do they smell not like hairspray, but like a delicious grape drink of some sort? And can you honestly say that right after spraying it on your breathe normally? I think it is worth trying this hair spray if all you really want from a hair spray is a little bit of control of unruly tresses, a little bit of help keeping things smooth. Don't except miracles of hold, but except a smile when you smell it knowing you are doing your bit for our planet opting for a better product.

Finally, once you have gotten so far as your shampoo and your hair spray, why not try the conditioner--that's what I plan to do next...once my Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque runs out--or why not replace your leave-in conditioner or detangler?

Overall, I am very pleased with the Intelligent Nutrients products that I've tried so far. They are natural, they work, they are nicely packaged, a thing one shouldn't discard. I'm a sucker for nice packaging. The only true negative about the range is the price which is quite frankly ridiculous and that I have to order online.

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